Board TEST

SUP boards TEST drive  for visitors  of the online shop  SUP.MD is free and works as follows:

Sign up for the test drive of using the inflatable board (hereinafter SUP board) on phone - +373 69446767. If you have discovered a SUP board that your have an interest to buy it, we will give you the opportunity to try it and convince you of its quality. Together with the instructor you'll schedule for the day, time and place for testing.

SUP board testing is conducted with the instructor in real conditions (on water) and lasts 20 minutes free of chargeThe instructor will demonstrate how to paddle, how to stay in the correct position on board and also water safety rules.

If you wish to rent a SUP board for a longer time, for example for 1 hour or 2 hours, on the same day, it will cost  150 lei (one hour) or 250 lei (for 2 hours). Children up to 10 years old, can climb on board with their parents as teenagers also can do SUP board test with parental supervision. Test SUP board as much as you wish (no more than for 2 hours) because at the time of purchasing of the SUPboard, we will refund you the amount of money you spend for testing the SUP board (no more than 2 hours).

If you have an intention to purchase a SUP board, please let us know beforehand and we will be able to bring for testing the model of the board you intend to buy.

NOTE: Testing will only take place under favorable weather conditions (no rain and no wind speed more  than 6 m/s). It is necessary to have change clothes, in case when there is a likelihood of soaking the feet or shoes in the water.