For the beginning of the 2021 season we will open a center for renting SUP boards and organizing SUP trips on the Dniester River

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Some times ago it was only an intention , now it becomes  a reality. We  started #SUPtourorheiulvechi from the village Furceni and the final point of the destination was  the village Butuceni (Orheiul Vechi). From the very begining, we  guessed that this adventure would be going  through areas where human leg does not pass every day. We  admired the nature and fauna surrounding this river. There were moments when we  listened to the birds singing in the area, then a muskrat "ondatra" appeared, we did not have time to take a picture of it, because it dived under water when it observed us. During the tour there were moments of floating through several waterfalls with SUP boards which was difficult to pass without getting to the bank of the river. We concidered that this adventure was a hundred percent successful one. The distance was about 15 km. (14,140 m), the travel time 3 hours 37 minutes.